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We are an aspiring team of hackers. We uncover the hacker culture to companies and individuals seeking to overcome workplace and industry constraints. We build communities and work environments for unconventional goals. We incubate and build the new digital.

We have come to find hack value:

  • Not only in honing the skills and craftsmanship for building well-crafted software but also in cultivating #human-touch
  • Not only in making things better but also in empowering teams and individuals and their #motivation to drive the change
  • Not only in following mature processes but also in leaving space for #exploration to achieve surprising and clever outcomes
  • Not only in partnering and collaboration with the client but also in activating the human #energy in teams and organizations

We stand by the following principles:



The culture of innovation requires human touch.
Users are human beings. Products should not just ‘work’; they should create an emotional connection.

The best designs, services and products are humane. They fit all the little details into a meaningful experience; they solve a human need or pain.


The best workplace is a playground. We transforms work into a form of play. Playfulness is key to the hacker culture of innovation.

Understanding makes work more enjoyable. We create understanding through face-to-face contact, transparency and information-sharing.

Humans possess inner drive. We give the hackers real autonomy for the important aspects of the work.

Encouraging improvement. We encourage the different thinking. Once a mind is stretched by a new idea, it will never return to its original position.


Ambitious problems require starting over. Exploring many solutions. Unfixing expectations. Experimenting. Examining the feedback. Compressing the cycles. Allowing an element of surprise. That is what ties together the most innovative ideas.

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Energy level is the best measure of the health and culture of teams and organizations. Only when we are fully energized do we become the best versions of ourselves.

Saying no is essential. With simplification we create space to direct attention and our effort to the most meaningful work.

Focusing on tasks and time leads only to a sense of busy-ness. Instead we engage team members with new, powerful experiences of themselves. We tap into hidden strengths and capacities.

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