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We are an aspiring team of hackers. We uncover the hacker mindset for companies and people so they can overcome workplace and industry constraints. We build communities and work environments that incubate impactful digital products.

Through this work we have come to value:

  • Not only honing the skills and craftsmanship for building well-crafted software but also cultivating #sensibilities
  • Not only continuously changing and steadily adding value but also nurturing individual #motivations to ensure continuity of teams
  • Not only delivering solutions but also reasoning from #first principles to creatively overcome limitations and achieve novel and clever outcomes
  • Not only partnering and collaborating with the client but also focusing on #outcomes and taking responsibility for #impact

We stand by the following principles:



The culture of innovation requires sensibility - an ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional and aesthetic influences. Products should not just ‘work’ for the users; they should create an emotional connection.

The best designs, services and products are integrated systems. They fit all the little details into a greater context and build a meaningful experience that satisfy the user’s senses.


The best workplace transforms vocation into a form of living with intrinsic rewards. It’s inhuman to treat work instrumentally, as a means only to other ends.

Understanding the whole makes work more enjoyable. That calls for self-organized teams, which are small enough to create understanding through face-to-face contact, transparency and access to information.

Humans are built with an inner drive. The most effective incentive is to give hackers real control and responsibility for important aspects of work - whether it’s deciding what to work on, when to do it, or how.

The encouraged exploration of ideas, which inspire different thinking, triggers the drive to be better. Once a mind is stretched by a new idea, an offbeat practice or a better tool, it will never return to its original position.

#reasoning from first principles

Ambitious problems require starting over, reexamining the core components of the problem, and building up the solution from there. That is what ties together the most innovative ideas. Reasoning only on analogies from past experiences does not!

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#outcomes & impact

Outcomes have to be defined and measured, and the evaluation of constraints is critically important. Digital products are shaped by the understanding of their derived value in the context of outcomes and constraints.

Saying no is essential. The thoughtful reduction and simplification of scope leaves room to direct attention and effort to the most impactful and meaningful work.

Focusing only on the deadlines, budget and features leads to goals displacement. Success is defined by delivering the value as achieved outcomes.

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