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Scrum Product Owner

We are building sophisticated full-stack solutions for scale and long-term maintainability and we’re looking for someone to join our team of full-stack hackers and help with product ownership.

Main responsibilities:

  • Developing and adapting the product vision
  • Writing new user stories together with the team
  • Splitting user stories which are too big
  • Specifying acceptance criteria for each user story
  • Ordering the product backlog
  • Grooming the product backlog (think INVEST, SMART and DEEP)

Seniority requirements:

  • You are:
    • able and expected to observe, learn about and analyze the market
    • able and expected to observe, learn about and analyze customers and product end users
    • keeping in touch with every stakeholder of the product regularly
    • giving feedback to the hackers team about the accomplished work, and about the process and interactions
    • deciding what to build and what not together with the team
  • You know how to:
    • delight customers
    • measure progress - value delivered at each Sprint
    • turn ideas into products, ideally MVPs
  • You know what:
    • corners can be cut and what corners should never be cut
    • technical debt is, and how to manage it
  • You can and will:
    • report to management and stakeholders (e.g. budget burndown, release burndown)
    • share insights throughout the team regarding the product (blogging, internal & external conferences, etc.)
    • help the team create the needed information radiators
    • teach every available business trick to the hackers team to connect them with the product and the customer
    • promote and support the hackers team to adopt best practices
  • You have:
    • deep understanding of Agile
    • good understanding of technology
    • good understanding of how the design process works
    • good understanding of Lean
    • good learning habits - continue to learn about everything Agile, play with the product, exchange knowledge with other product owners

Some familiarity and understanding of the following tools:

  • git
  • JIRA, Trello, ASANA, etc.
  • wiki-systems
  • spreadsheets
  • wireframing and prototyping tools
  • keynote and presentation tools

Working experience with the any of the following is a big plus:

  • business model canvas
  • value proposition canvas