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Newstag Core Team Senior Hacker

Newstag is an innovative consumer platform for discovery, consumption and sharing of crowd curated, multi-source, professionally produced video news. We have built sophisticated technology that tracks and adds value to content from ingest to sharing. Our core team is looking for someone that can help us bring the platform to the next level in its evolution.

Technical requirements:

  • working experience, good understanding and amazing coding skills with:
    • Java
    • Spring & Hibernate
    • Javascript
    • Angular or other modern front-end development framework

Seniority requirements:

  • you have good understanding in at least one technology stack of your choice
  • you’re able to solve hard problems (the ones that you won’t gonna find on StackOverflow)
  • you’re able and expected to design solutions
  • you’re able and expected to mentor junior and intermediate developers
  • you’re an amazing troubleshooter
  • you know how to deliver working products and meet deadlines
  • you know what corners can be cut and what corners should never be cut
  • you can and will push back a problematic requirement if you know what the problems with it will be and can explain the same to the non-technical people

Additional technical requirements:

  • some familiarity and understanding of the following tools:
    • git, maven, Jenkins
    • ssh, logging, shell scripting and command line tools
  • working experience with the any of the following is a big plus:
    • Cassandra database
    • Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront, etc.)
    • Linux-based systems in production
    • deploying and troubleshooting of Java application servers (e.g. Tomcat)
    • clusters
    • performance testing
    • big data